Renovating a garage is not always an easy task to do for you need to analyze a lot of tips and tricks on how to organize your garage in order to make the most out of it. And because the garage can easily be transformed into a room for everything, the best that you can do is get rid of things that you do not need nor use anymore. Make sure you declutter every now and then for this activity saves you a lot of room, making space for new and useful things that can go in your garage. And because the garage is not only for your stuff but for your car too, check out Edmunds’ review on the 2018 Ford Edge – a five-passenger midsize SUV that is a great choice for people who want a new and roomy vehicle.

Storage secrets

Store all your gardening-related items in one place by using a wood cabinet with open shelves. If you do not want to spend your money buying new and expensive storage bags and baskets, you can easily opt for flea markets, which are an appropriate place for buying things that you can later use for organizing your garage. For instance, you can buy a vintage dish drainer and use it for storing wayward flower pot saucers. Moreover, if you have a lot of small tools to organize in your garage, think about a shelving system. It does not have to occupy an entire wall but it will be great for your automotive tools equipment, for example. Or if you are not that into drawers, you can place a DIY magnetic strip on the wall. This will come in handy whenever you are in search of a specific tool.

Pegboards and garage storage wall

Pegboards are great not only for garage storage but for home storage too. They are easy to install and you can also customize them. Most of the pegboards come in just two colors – white and brown but you can get creative with the pegboard and decorate it as you please. You can find different types of hangers which you can use in order to hang different tools but if you want to use shelves, you need to learn how to attach the shelves to standard pegboard shelf brackets. Another great garage storage wall idea is to create a framework consisting of wood strips and shelf standards.


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