Most luxury furniture companies don’t dedicate much of their time to creating ranges suitable for outside areas. Patio furniture and garden furniture, in general, is often overlooked by some of the largest luxury furniture brands. However, dedicated garden furniture shops often lack the unique designs and the build quality when compared to some of their more luxurious counterparts.

This begs the question, should you search for your garden furniture from dedicated garden shops or should you hunt around numerous luxury stores in the hope that you find some pieces that you like? It is a difficult conundrum and a lot depends on the amount of furniture you need and how unique you want you garden area to be.

If you are only looking for a small amount of furniture, perhaps just for you patio, then you can search both high-end furniture shops and standard gardening retailers. The only limitation will be your budget and you will be the best person to judge this for yourself.

If you are looking for a lot of garden furniture then you may be better off looking at the ranges provided by a more standard garden furniture store. They will naturally have larger ranges at a much cheaper cost. The key is to look for more unusual pieces and build around these to create a unique look for your outside space.

An alternative method is to search for some luxurious furniture stores and take a look at their outdoor ranges. If you find that they create a range that you like, then this is good place to start. Do some research or reach out to the manufacturers and find out if they are capable of creating bespoke pieces. Most hi-end furniture stores will be able create custom, one-off pieces. If they are capable of creating bespoke pieces, then you will be able to create a completely unique outdoor design, with pieces that no one else will have.

Not only will your garden design be unique, but it will also be the perfect proportion for your space, as it has been custom made. The other benefit is that your pieces should be especially unusual as garden furniture from a luxury furniture store, is bound to be unusual to start with.


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