Reinforcement bar couplers or rebar couplers clearly are a step ahead when compared to the traditional way of lap splicing in the sector of concrete construction. Yet, it hasn’t become as popular as the traditional method since it is assumed that lap splicing is less expensive.

Using rebar couplers being a cost effective and much easier method need to be learned about before you make a choice. Furthermore, the process of rebar coupling through mechanical pressing makes it a better option that the traditional one. A mechanically pressed reinforcement is proven to increase the breaking strength of the joined bars by 20-25%.

Companies like Hardman ( offers portable and stationary equipments for rebar coupling. A coupler- joined reinforcement is proved to be much stronger than a welded joint. A welded joint’s overlap where the two bars are welded together can be a weak spot. In a coupler-joined reinforcement the bars fracture before anything happens to the joint.

Save costs on high skilled labour

It does not require high-skilled workers and their training can be done at a single sight in a single day. This will help you save the cost of hiring highly skilled labour. One set of equipment can do the work of 5-12 welders.

Speed up the construction

50-100 joints can be produced in a shift by one set of equipment. One joint can be made within 3-8 minutes. This way, your construction work is done much faster.

Reduction in material costs

Since there is reduction in the reinforcement being used, there is reduction in material costs. Also, the equipment set is self sufficient to produce joints in an upright position which rules out the requirement of any other device.

The rebar coupling done by mechanical pressing brings in a certain level of guarantee that the coupling is done properly since it’s is a mechanised process when compared to the old traditional way of lap splicing. This eliminates the necessity of an evaluation of the work done through X-Ray inspection.

Reduction in overall costs

The equipment can be used in dark and the work can be done at night without disturbing the neighbouring buildings. This, and high productivity of the equipments speeds up the construction process, thereby reducing the overall cost of construction. Saving on labour costs and material costs also adds up to the total savings.

Operation of the equipment under varied external conditions

The equipment can work within a temperature range from -50C to +50C. Connection reinforcing under water bars can be done with the equipment.


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