Christmas is a time to give and share. Gifting is one of the oldest traditions in the world and for the season, it even doubles the joy. We all like to give and get but sometimes, gifting can be expensive as well. It doesn’t matter how much it cost you, whether one dollar or even a hundred dollar, the specialty lies in the thought of gifting. This is why we came up with some of the heartwarming seasonal gift ideas you can make form home to gift your loved ones.

Bake cookies



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You can’t miss this seasonal treat everyone in looking forward to have. But do a small change and bake them in different Christmas shapes like snowman, snowflakes, Christmas tree, Santa Clause, etc. to give it a more festive look. Bake your goodies and pack them appropriate containers or boxes. You can also check for Christmas boxes.

A jar full of candies

For the person who loves sweets, you can’t find a better satisfying treat like this. Check the stores for some seasonal sweets that come in the Christmas wrappers. You can collect them all and fill a mason jar. Also, for a festive look you can wrap the Mason jar in gift wrapping paper or even cut some shapes that have to do with the iconic symbols of the season and paste them. Don’t forget to paste a small bow for a cut look.

Make your own candle holders

Give your loved one something to cherish forever every year when it is Christmas. Candle holders can make the house look appealing and especially when it is Christmas the felling of warmth should be in every home and candles can be great representatives of it. This is why you want to DIY a candle holder out of a glass jar. Cut a Christmas tree shape, paste it one the jar and then spray the jar. Remove the shape and place a festive candle inside.

A little bit of everything

Gift baskets are a great way to compliment in the season and if you are looking for different types of gift baskets all you need are to check online. Some of these types of gift baskets are fruit baskets, chocolate baskets, seasonal flowers, sweets, baked goodies and much more. So, you can be more creative and make a gift basket that includes a lot of varieties. Seasonal napkins, fruits, flowers, chocolates, cookie jars and much more. All you need is to buy a basket/box and buy the things in bulk if you are making the same gift for several others.

But Christmas decors in sales

Prices of these ornaments go down drastically when it’s the season. So, you can check for some cheap decorations from shops and give it a simple touch at home. For example, glass tinsels can be stuffed with some pom-poms for a new look.

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