Do you have a big kitchen space but the floor space is just wasted away on clutter? Do you feel like your kitchen is neat and organized but it just needs a bit more personality? Then you might want to look at these kitchen wall decor ideas. They’re innovative, and they can impress your guests when you invite them next time for a cookout.

The Green Wall

If you lack space for a garden but you would like a burst of green in your kitchen, or if you have a garden but wish to bring the freshness into your kitchen space, then you should definitely look into installing a green wall. This can be made from artificial but realistic looking vines. Spruce it up by hanging your children’s photos on them.

You might even want to hang an enlarged letter somewhere, perhaps the first letter of your family name. Among kitchen wall decor ideas, this one allows you to transform your cooking space into something right out of a fairytale.

Smart shelving solutions

You would want smart shelving solutions throughout your kitchen. Invest in them even if they might be pricier than your other items. Among kitchen wall decor ideas, shelves are the most valuable because they serve two purposes. They keep your space organized, and when correctly positioned, they can make small kitchens appear bigger.

Unified pallette

The colors of your kitchen can spell the difference between tacky and absolutely glamorous. If you want to keep your kitchen walls glamorous and sophisticated, it is best to keep your colors uniform. Stick to monochromes with only minimal pops of colors all around. Among kitchen wall decor ideas, this one also helps you become a smarter consumer by choosing only items that are exactly right for your kitchen space.

Appetizing decals

You do not really need to make drastic changes for great kitchen wall decor ideas. Giving your kitchen space more personality can be as easy as purchasing waterproof and oil-proof wall stickers. These stickers can be placed on a plain white backsplash, or you can place them around a clock in your feature wall.

Just make sure you choose decals you are sure to love years after you’ve installed them. But not to worry. Most of them are easy to remove and replace once you have grown tired of them.

Memory wall

Do you want kitchen wall decor ideas that scream your personality? Create a memory wall. Look at it like it’s your kitchen’s scrapbook. Frame important photos of your kids when they were babies. Hang this with cast prints of their hands or feet when they were infants. Frame the first letter they’ve written for you from school. Decorate the feature wall not just with rustic or stylish items. Put real meaning into the heart of your home by using tiny mementos to keep your kitchen wall absolutely charming.

Hanging plates

Do you have amazing pieces of plates which you think are too good to use for just putting food in them? You can preserve these plates by hanging them like paintings on your feature wall. Take inspiration from cafes who hang mugs on their walls. For these kitchen wall decor ideas, you might want to try hanging the plates in graduating sizes: the biggest on top with the smaller ones all lined up at the bottom. You can even use the hanging plates as accents to your memory wall, or your green wall.

If you got a boring wall in the kitchen, you don’t have to spend a lot to give it a wow factor. Check out these kitchen wall decor ideas that you can do yourself.


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