There are so many colors with which you can play and experiment on your house walls. But there are different things which need to be considered while choosing the right color. You can go for your favorite shade that can enhance the beauty of your home but for this, you must put the right accessories and furniture which can complement the color and give an elegance look. One such color that you can try on your walls is brown. It can match with any design and theme that you set for your house. A perfect backdrop of brown color is worth to consider as a background.



Image Source: Kitchen Design Buzz


Why brown?

  • There are some dark shades like brown which not many people choose thinking that it may not give that good light effect which is needed at bedroom walls.
  • Well, this is not true for the fact that if right combination is applied it will look enticing.
  • Brown is often associated with different things like a color of a tree branch, clay, and even the earth. It gives a feeling of security and durability.

Try different shades:

It is not necessary that brown needs to be only in darker shade. It comes in different shades to pick such as Behr, Bison, and light brown to name a few. This rich color if accompanied with some light color can make your home look every more alluring. For this, you can check out some photos online or take the advice of an expert who is into the painting industry with some creativity which might help you.


Colors that go well with Brown:

Many people consider brown as a dull color or that does not have effective luster. For these people, it is necessary to understand that nothing can give your home an impactful look than choosing such rich earth quality of brown. To compliment this color for your bedroom, you can use it with gray, deep brown and even yellow which gives more encompassing remodel to your home. Other than this, a crisp white always enhances the design that you set for your home.


A combination of white and brown looks elegance:

Most of the things that you place in bedroom can also be kept in either of light gray shade or white. You can use brown color as a combination for any of these for dramatic hues. If the right color combination is not given to bathroom, it will look too dull and dark.


Warm Hues with Brown combination for living room:

Another great décor idea that is quite popular is the use of autumn colors such as yellow and orange looks amazing with any shade of brown like amber and rust. You will sense some kind of good energy and notice that your bedroom room looks more spacious and decorative with such combination. Yellow and orange also.


If you do online research, you will see plenty of good brown bedroom design ideas which you can apply. But talking about the color combination, blue and brown or pastel and brown with vintage furnishing and wooden accessories can give a sophisticated style


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