Are you looking for ideas to start gardening with? Have you been researching equipment you may need, landscape ideas, or what plants should be in your garden? Gardens can be a beautiful and peaceful place to relax and reduce your stress. They can put you in a positive mindset and improve your wellbeing. Not only can your mental health be improved, but your physical health can be as well as your use muscles to dig, plant, and maintain your garden. A garden does not need extensive money or time put into it in order for it to be beautiful, but there are some tips you can consider as you look for ways to enhance your garden.

Make Yourself a No-stick Shovel

You can avoid having dirt and other material collect on your shovel as you dig and plant by simply spraying a silicone lubricant on it. A Teflon lubricant may work just as well. By using one of these products, the soil can just slip right off.

Lighten Your Pots

If your garden has heavy pots and planters, you can avoid the excessive strain of lifting them by filling the bottom with packing peanuts. If you are just planting flowers or small vegetables within these, it is likely you don’t need to fill the entire pot with planting soil anyways. If you still struggle with lifting your pots, you can use some potting mix that contains peat moss and vermiculite to reduce the weight even more.

Color Your Rain Gauge

If you want to be able to easily see how much rain your garden is receiving, you can simply add a few drops of red food coloring to your rain gauge. This way, you can easily see the water level.

Garden Pond

If you have the room, then why not consider creating a pond for your garden? It is simpler than it sounds too. You’ll need a spade, then select from the wide choice of pond liners available. There are other accessories you can buy also. Your garden is sure to look amazing with this new addition.

Restrict Weeds and Unwanted Plants

Do you often find weeds growing around your house and in every place, you don’t want to see them? Gardens can quickly become encompassed by weeds if you do not regularly weed or restrict weeds from growing. You can prevent unwanted plants from taking over by planting your flowers and vegetables in a plastic container before placing them into the ground. This way, you can be sure that the plant’s roots will not become attached and controlled by those of an unwanted plant. You can cut a hole out in the bottom of the plastic container to allow you plant to continue growing.

Put Up a Fence

Animals often enjoy eating your vegetables or flower bulbs. To protect these, you can place netting over your flowers. You can then remove it when spring comes. If you are worried about your vegetables and other plants while they are growing, you can put up a fence around your garden. A simple wood and wire fence can keep animals out but allow you easy access into your garden. While this may affect the appeal a garden can have, fencing can keep your plants safe and can provide you with a different look, depending on your design choice.  Watch this video if you want to see how to erect a garden fence.

These tips are sure to give you some ideas when thinking about how to liven up your garden.



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