A loft is a space or the room present directly under the roof of the building of the house for the storage or accommodation purpose.  NL loft conversion specialist is the company that provides facilities of different loft conversions to the customers. The company provides the quality work and satisfies to the customers. The builders are well trained and educated that do work efficiently.

Mansard loft conversions

A mansard loft conversion is the traditional type extension of the house. It has a flat roof and located on the backside of the house. On one side is the window is present. Mansard has the ability to offer various designs conversions.

  1. Reasons for choosing mansard conversions

The mansard type conversion has a large and flat roof that is 72 degrees from back sloping inward side. The walls are finished with bare bricks as well the parapet walls on both sides also contain brick finishing. There are a number of reasons for choosing this type of conversions. These includes


This type of conversion is suitable for various types of buildings and properties like bungalows, terraced, chalet, semi- detached and detached houses.

Space availability

The conversion helps to utilize the space in the house. The person can make that space the bathroom or bedroom.

Finish and final look

It is the choice of the client what type of finishing he needs. The mostly bare brick wall is made for this purpose.

  1. Planning permission

The person who requires the loft conversion must get permission for an extension. Local authority signs for the changes and grant permission for the addition of the storey in the house.

  1. Cost requirement

As compare to hip to gable or dormer type it is expensive to form of conversion. As it is the conversion of large space, it requires more time, changes and material for this purpose. The customer gets the require changes so it is not a big deal to pay a large amount for the excellent conversions of the loft. It requires much construction work for modification that’s why it is expensive and requires a high budget.

  1. Ideas

As the large space is required for mansard loft conversions, the person can utilize it for a number of purposes. The architect can provide different ideas to use the space or accommodation in positive ways. As it is the extra storey, it can provide extra living space. It is converted into a bedroom, play area, bathroom, lounge, study or office. So it is the choice of the person, he can convert the extra space into useful accommodation.

For the construction of bathroom extra plumbing work is required so that the system remains operational.

Mansard is the versatile loft conversions and is suitable for many types of houses and buildings. The NL loft conversions judge the requirement of the customer and give proper and suitable ideas to utilize the extra space in the house. This type of conversion give extra space to utilize and the family can get relaxing space in the house.


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