More and more nations from around the world are getting serious about building green structures and lessening their overall environmental footprint, but a few countries – in fact, only one other, for that matter – are doing a better job than Singapore.


Singapore currently ranks second in the world for the sheer amount of green buildings they have, and they are continuing to develop, engineering, and construct evermore green buildings at an almost breakneck pace.


It should come as no real surprise to anyone that Singapore would rank so highly on the global list of eco-friendly nations, what with their very serious commitment and focus on future proofing their nation as much as possible.


Already one of the most significant leaders in the economic community throughout Southeast Asia, they’ve also started to branch out into other regions – partnering up with India, for example in a number of different ways – they are now looking to export their ideas regarding environmental friendliness through their green construction initiatives.


Paris took the top spot with London taking spot number three


The global commission behind this study looked into four specific areas to determine which of the different global cities over the “greenest” of them all:


  • Citywide green building environment
  • The efficiency and performance of buildings throughout the city
  • Green building policies, targets, goals, and initiatives and
  • The overall culture of the city regarding eco-friendly construction projects going forward


The number one city globally for these criteria was Paris, with Singapore coming in second and London as the third spot. All three of these cities are leaders in the eco-friendly movement, and all three of them have been busy exporting not only their beliefs regarding green construction but also their technology, their designs, and their engineering practices as well.


Singapore isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon


While Singapore is already sitting in the number two spot as far as green construction initiatives are concerned, they aren’t content to sit back on their laurels and reflect on the success they’ve been able to enjoy in the past.


Instead, there have already been made tremendous amount of other initiatives already unveiled for major green construction projects throughout the city – with many of them breaking ground in the coming months.


Pretty much every new major construction project in Singapore has been designed to leverage green initiatives in a way that is almost unparalleled across the global community. This is a city (and a country) that takes their environmental responsibilities very seriously, and aren’t just paying lip service to placate some riled up constituents.


The city has a target to have 80% of their buildings receiving BCA Green Mark standards by 2030 – and though many believe this to be one of the most ambitious initiatives undertaken by a city or a nation of this scale, many believe it is quite achievable thanks to the kinds of resources that the Singapore government is making available to be sure that this target is reached in time.


The world is paying attention to everything that Singapore is doing, and it’s likely that cities from around the globe are going to mimic everything that this Southeast Asian city has been able to achieve going forward.


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