Using your home’s equity as a source to draw funds when you need it is a smart financial move if done correctly. One way to ensure that you get the best interest rates and other home equity loan benefits is to find a reliable and trusted lender. The key to finding home equity lenders that will cater to your financial needs and capability is to do some research. Here are some lenders to look into:


Since it has been introduced LendingTree has always been a top choice for people shopping for home equity lenders. The service is free for borrowers to use what LendingTree then connects them to lenders who are competing for the business of homeowners. Using their website gives you access to a free calculator and learning materials.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a large and well-known financial institution that can be found in over 40 different states with thousands of branches. They are best known for giving one of the best face-to-face services for HELOC options which they offer in fixed and variable rates.

TD Bank

TD Bank offers both traditional equity home loans and HELOC with competitive interest rates. Their services are available in 15 states and Washington DC. What sets them apart is that they allow second homes and investment properties for collateral which makes them more flexible than other lenders.


Chase is another lending institute known for offering amazing customer service. Their staff is very knowledgeable and offer borrowers a wide range of loaning options, but they do not offer traditional home equity loans. However their HELOC rates are very impressive and competitive.


Citibank has a commendable online application process, and offers both home equity loans and HELOC options at competitive prices. Most loan process go smoothly with the help of their excellent customer service.


This lender is known to offer a wide range of home equity loan options all at competitive prices. Existing customers of the bank are offered zero closing fees if they have been with SunTrust for over 3 years.

Citizen’s Bank

Citizen Bank also accepts second homes as collateral and offer competitive rates, but they are only helpful for people who are sure of what they want from their home equity loan and HELOC.

Key Bank

The bank offers both equity home loans and HELOC to homeowners and allow them to use their second home or investment properties as collateral. However Key Bank is known to charge closing fees, but they are willing to extend their services to people with lower than average credit scores.

US Bank

US Bank offers special loan programs to military members and gives competitive rates for both their equity home loans and HELOC. The bank also considers second homes as collateral plus looks at the entire credit history of the borrower, not just their credit scores.

Bank of America

The Bank of America offers online application with excellent assistance using their live chat option. They no longer offer traditional equity home loans, but they do have HELOC options available. Their website also offers access to educational materials to help you understand HELOC better.

Shop around, compare prices, and talk to experts before settling for a home equity lender. There might be better home equity loan options waiting to be discovered.

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