There is a saying that dogs are a man’s best friend and this fact is undebatable. Many people look up for the emotional support of their pets to get therapeutic benefits. This emotional support and comfort is more beneficial for those suffering from anxiety and psychiatric disabilities. There have been several reports about dogs pooping on airplanes and public places or creating a chaotic environment. There are also those taking undue advantage of the applicable laws relating ESA just to get around airline charges.

But the real fact is that emotional support animals do not need any formal training to serve their owner other than obedience and house breaking training. However, there are certain laid down rules and criteria in order to allow a dog to be qualified as an ESA such as the pet must not pose a threat to the general public or display any threatening behavior, must be house-trained and must not disturb the public with nuisance acts like braking, growling or destroying properties. Any dog serving as an ESA shall be denied the basic right of housing and air travel available to it if the basic requirements are not satisfied.

Carrying your dog overseasdog training

Apart from the general emotional support dog laws there are additional laws relating to import and export applicable in different countries. For this the owner of the pet is required to fill up the mandatory paperwork and comply with the laid down rules and regulations relating to air travel. However, an airlines service provider is legally authorized to deny entry to an animal if it finds it necessary for the safeguard of its passengers. Moreover, only dogs and cats are protected under ESA laws and other pets do not comes within its purview. Detailed information is provided online relating to the norms and regulations to be followed to legally possess an ESA.

Approved for those in need

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or the HUD describes an emotional support animal as an assistance animal that gives emotional aid to the mental or psychiatric patients. They can be the true friend for them as they do not need special training. They help a disabled person’s abnormality to function in a proper manner and to get back in a healthy life. Well you cannot get assistance animal unless you have a valid reason for the need; like if you are physically or mentally impaired then only you are qualified for the demand.

If you do qualify for the ailment then the HUD passes the FHA for the requirement of an exception certificate to a “no pets” rule. The emotional support dog laws for FHA can be applied for all type of housing and complex including those properties in sale or for rent. The law prohibits those private owners who live in one of the unit of the building which contains four or lesser units. Owners who do not have more than three single family homes, does not qualifies for the FHA law.


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