Experts and doctors opine that if you go for any such medication or treatment routine that is going to help you in defying aging, you must know for sure what you are going into before turning over your wallet to them. The very first thing that you should check, even before looking out for the label – claims of the popular pigments, ointments, pills and shots that claim to be defying age, is to look for the presence of any real human growth hormone or Somatotropin in the medications.

So, the most important point about anti – aging routines is to avoid all such products that claim to contain real somatropin.

The Good Effects of Somatotropin or Human Growth Hormone

Somatotropin is known to have a number of amazing effects. HGH is a godsend for boosting the various life activities in us like:

  • Increasing your general energy level
  • Improving the way your brain and memory work
  • Bettering your mind focus
  • Helping you in sleeping well
  • Improving your sexual life
  • Increasing your endurance level.

Moreover, the more visible effects lie in the loss of fat and a remarkable increase in muscle tone. You will also be free from the wrinkles that make you look so aged. In most of the cases, HGH can work miracles and the result can be quite revolutionary.

How Do Companies Trick You in Buying Bogus Anti – Aging Products

The claims of the various companies that sell anti-aging products are, in most cases, filled with jargons and technical jugglery in such a way that you seem to get impressed with the product. Another way to cheat you is by showing you the comparative estimate of the company’s product. The strange thing is that every chart, graph or table that they show you, shows the said company at the top, through all quarters, always. The fact is that they often compare the figures from two different branches of their own company so that whatever might be the result, the company name will be at the top only. Often the companies get others to open shell companies and project similar products. However, these are nonexistent products, and when compared with one another, always show the actual company on top.

The label claims of the HGH content must be clearly studied. The first and the foremost is whether the company is claiming to mix real HGH in their product. But remember that such a claim is, in most cases untrue and is a hoax. The claims of the product having HGH in a miniscule quantity can also be safely turned down. The unit used in such cases is nanogram, which is too small a unit to measure the right quantity of HGH.

How to Know the Right Dosage and Get Genuine Forms of the HGH in the Drugs

You must know that the names of HGH which are used on the labels of the anti – aging products: HGH Precursors, HGH releasers or HGH Secretagogues. You must not be misguided by these claims, and make a good study of the company over the Net and elsewhere to know whether it is fake or genuine. The fact is that most of those products that claim to contain real Somatotropin are trying to scam you.



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