JUSTFOG J-Easy 3 Battery VV Mod

The Justfog J-Easy is a sleek looking vaporizer that has a bunch of really cool features to set it apart from the competition. The unit itself is portable with an excellent battery life and works perfectly alongside a P16 atomizer. Today, as part of our series looking at electronic vapor cigarettes, we’re going to take an in depth look at some of the best features on the J-Easy 3 Battery VV Mod.

Features and Benefits

– The J-Easy has a three stage battery signal that let’s you know exactly how much battery you have left. It’s a nice little feature that means you won’t get caught out when you’re on the move.


– The output voltage is fully adjustable so you can change the strength of vapor to suit your tastes. The three stage setting let’s you choose between strength or smoothness which makes the J-Easy a surprisingly versatile product.


– Has a good weight in your palm which suggests a top quality build. I can’t see this needing to be replaced any time soon.


– It looks really cool with it’s sleek, black casing which is small enough to fit in your pocket. Despite it’s small size the J-easy offers a long battery life from just one charge.


– The vaporizer itself uses Japanese cotton to filter the vapor. A cotton filter smooths the vapor without compromising on flavor. The J-Easy is one of the smoothest tastes available on the market right now.



– Looks great

– Smooth vapor

– Battery warning

– Fully adjustable voltage

– Feels sturdy



– no built in atomizer


Final Verdict

The Justfog J-Easy VV mod is the perfect solution to all your vaping needs. It’s a low cost investment that will really maximize your vapor without draining the battery. The features are helpful without being complicated and it feels sturdy an built to last. It’s the ultimate companion to a p16 atomizer.

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