It can be argued that 2012 will go down in history as one of the most successful years in sport. It was a year which brought about incredible and historic moments in the world of sport. Sporting hero’s made the headlines as they created unforgettable memories and awesome spectacles which captured the world’s imagination. From the European Championship to the Barclay’s Premier League, incredible games were played and titles won as we looked on eagerly, often from the comfort of our living rooms. Andy Murray won his first Grand Slam title, Chelsea came top in the UEFA Champions League and Manchester City became the reigning champions of the Premier League on the last day of the season. These were all moments which made 2012 a simply a stunning year for the country and sport.

But, there was one occasion that took not only the UK by storm, but which also captivated the rest of the world: London 2012.

Olympic Fever

The 30th Olympiad was held in London for the first time since 1948, aided by Lord Sebastian Coe. The construction of Olympic Park, the main fortress of London 2012, was just one of the items that inspired and encouraged every single athlete competing in the Olympic Games.

Britain in Stages

The opening ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle, took the whole world by surprise, with a record 3 billion viewers tuning in to watch it. It depicted the life and development of Britain as a country and how it had moved on in time. The Olympics and the spectacle that these games brought with them was just what Britain needed after repetitive news about financial meltdown and unemployment had dampened the country’s heart. Sport became Britain’s saving grace as it was something which could be enjoyed for once and which would once again allow its inhabitants to be proud of Britain as a country.

Records were broken, tears were shed and one unfortunate Chancellor was booed by 80,000 people but it was a superb fortnight for every single athlete. However, the festivities and celebrations didn’t end there as just a week after the Olympics had finished, the 2012 Paralympics started and that brought just as many emotional memories and glorious sporting moments.

The Landmark City

Ever since 2012 and that great sporting event which took place, London has become the must see capital which you simply have to visit, just for the experience. Tourism in London has peaked in the last five years and to be honest nobody is surprised. With the landmarks that make London so beautiful such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, it is obvious why many people’s interest has remained in London even after the games ended.

What’s the Time – Ask Ben

If you’ve got a free weekend and you want to do something cultured, exciting and most importantly something that does a lot of good for your health, then take a trip down to London. Take a camera and a map of the sights and just let your brain and eyes take in this magnificent city. The monuments, the locals and the nature are just a handful of things to see, so you might need more than a weekend! Be patient and you might get a glimpse of the Queen, or The Duchess of Cambridge. Also, don’t forget the wonderful monument that is Big Ben. If you ever need the time in London, just look up and it’s right there. Cover your ears on the hour mark however as it can get quite loud if stood close enough! You could also travel to the many places where the sporting events of the Olympics took place and follow the journey that the athletes took.

Now, we all know that walking is good for your health, because everyone is always telling us so. But, despite us moaning and sighing about the fact they’re trying to force healthy living down our throats, they have a point. Doing regular exercise can have a massive effect on how long you live and how your body operates. Walking is one of the most common and interestingly one of the most effective ways of keeping healthy. Instead of using public transport to arrive at places you can walk to, then change your ways and try walking, because you might find it does more good than harm. Walking round fantastic tourist hotspots is just one way to get your 10k a day done and some enjoyment at the same time!



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